D.L. Menard - The Back Door & Other Cajun Classics CD
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To most, Cajun music is simply an archaic sound produced by the uncouth yokels of the Louisiana swamps. While stereotypes persist, the music's old time feel is actually part of its charm. As a result, hearing someone like D.L. Menard sing in Creole French is like hearing a moment frozen in time. With a voice easily comparable to Hank Williams, the accordion driven music will drive detractors insane. But, to fans of old fashioned Cajun sound, this album, which spans 15 years of Menard's career, is truly a gem. "Sings The Back Door..." contains original master recordings from 1961 to 1976. This is a collection of the very best of D.L. Menard. Released in 2000, 13 tracks.

volume 2 of the Swallow Cajun Pioneer Series

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