Big Nick's Learn to Play Cajun Accordion, Volume 2 (DVD)
Item #: D-LPA2_BN
Price: $35.00


Big Nick covers five Cajun songs in this THREE DISC SET that teaches layer by layer, how to get that "Cajun" sound. Also included is a 15-track audio accompaniment disc that will allow you to 'play along with Big Nick' in traditional Cajun rhythm styles. (*the set is comprised of 2 videos and 1 audio)

The 56-page booklet covers each song in meticulous detail, illustrating sheet music and accordion tablature.

The sheet music is a true, playable transcription... not some wimpy vocal lead-line!

The DVD's are menu driven to easily locate each song, introductions and various parts.

You'll get up close detail of note-by-note fingering and demonstrations with guitar chord accompaniments.

Almost 4 hours of Cajun accordion instruction!

Included are:

- Demystifying the Cajun Accordion
- Mon Aimable Brune
- L'Agneau Petit
- Scale and Bellows Exercise
- Amede Two Step
- Cowboy Waltz (intermediate level)
- Choupique
- Accordion Theory (by Jamey Hall)
- 15 tracks of Cajun Workout Audio CD