Flat Town Music Catalog from A to Z

*This is a complete listing of LPs, cassettes and/or CD's released on Swallow, Maison de Soul, Jin & Komaday Records - past & present. Available items (in blue) are linked to their specific pages in the web store. Click on artists' names for more information where available.

Abe Manuel, Jr. *see Lil Abe Manuel, Jr.
Acadien Cajun Band
- All Night Long (SW6203)
Adam Hebert
- The Best of Adam Hebert (SW6065)
- The Essential Adam Hebert Cajun Music Collection (SW6169)
Al Berard

- Feet off the Ground (w/ Karen England) (SW6162)
- It's in the Cajun Blood (w/ Errol Verret) (SW6114)
*available in digital form only

Al Berard & Errol Verret
- It's in the Cajun Blood (w/ Errol Verret) (SW6114) *available in digital form only
Al Berard & Karen England
- Feet off the Ground (SW6162)
Al Ferrier 
- Greetings from Louisiana (JIN9030)
Ann Goodly
- Miss Ann Goodly & the Zydeco Brothers (MDS1037)
Austin Pitre
- Louisiana Cajun Music (SW6041)
- The Essential Early Cajun Recordings of Austin Pitre and the Evangeline Playboys (SW6211)
Balfa Brothers 
- Fait a la main (SW6063)
- Fait a la main and Souvenirs (SW6063) *combined SW6063 and SW6056
- More Traditional Cajun Music (SW6019)
- New York Concerts (SW6037)
- Play Traditional Cajun Music (cassette) (SW6011)
- Play Traditional Cajun Music, Vol. 1 & 2 (SW6011) *combined SW6011 and SW6019

Balfa Toujours
- Pop tu me parles toujours (SW6110) *available in digital form only
- A vielle terre haute! (SW6121)
Barry Ancelet & Sam Broussard

- Broken Promised Land (SW6229)
Beausoleil  *see Michael Doucet
Belton Richard

- At His Best (SW6043)
- Good n' Cajun (SW6021)
- I'm Back (SW6135)
- Louisiana Cajun Music (SW6032)
- Modern Sounds in Cajun Music (SW6010)
- Modern Sounds in Cajun Music, Vol. 2 (SW6013)
- The Essential Cajun Music Collection (SW6117)
- The Older the Wine, the Finer the Taste (SW6178)
Big Red
- Secret Ingredients (MDS1084)
Bluestein Family
 (Gene Bluestein, Frayda Bluestein, Jemmy Bluestein, Evo Bluestein, Joel Bluestein)
- Deep Shady Grove (SW2002)
- Travelin' Blues (SW2003)
Boogie Kings
- Blue Eyed Soul (MON109)
- Live at the Bamboo Hut (MON111)
- Louisiana Country Soul (JIN9038)
- Nine Lives (JIN9035)
- Sam Montel Presents the Boogie Kings (JIN9040)
- Sam Montel Presents the Boogie Kings (cassette) (MON104)
Boogie Kings & guests
- Swamp Boogie Blues (JIN9046) *combined part 1 & 2
- Swamp Boogie Blues pt. 1 (JIN9046)
- Swamp Boogie Blues pt. 2 (JIN9047)
Boozoo Chavis
- Boozoo Zydeco (MDS1021)
- Louisiana Zydeco Music (MDS1017)
- Zydeco Homebrew (MDS1028)
- Zydeco Trail Ride (MDS1034)
Cajun du Nord
- In Louisiana (SW6164) *available in digital form only
Cajun Humor Gang (Dave Petitjean, A.J. Smith, Murray Conque)
- Cajun Humor Fest (KOM5018) *available on DVD only (D-CHF_DP)
Cajun Strangers
- Cajun Country Ramble (SW6214)
- Valse a deux temps (SW6199) *available in digital form only
Cajun Tradition
- A la veille facon (cassette) (SW6076)
- A la veille facon (SW3003) *Encore re-issue on CD
Camey Doucet
- Cajun Good Time Music (SW6034)
- Cajun Goodies (SW6028)
- Et musique (w/ Jimmy Thibodeaux) (SW6024)
- Mom, I'm Still Your Little Boy (SW6140)
Camey Doucet & Jimmy Thibodeaux
- Et musique (SW6024)
Cankton Express
- Live chez Mulate's (SW6073)
Carriere Brothers & Lawtell Playboys (Joseph "Bebe" Carriere, Eraste "Dolon" Carriere, Calvin Carriere, Shelton Broussard, Clinton Broussard, Delton Broussard, J.C. Gallow)
- La La Louisiana Black French Music (MDS1004)
Cedric Benoit
- Cajun, Cajun, Cajun (SW6074)
Charles Mann
- Pushing Your Luck (JIN9084)
- The Essential Collection (JIN9060)
Charlo (Charles Guilbeau, Jr.)
- A History of the Cajuns in Story and Song (SW6172)
- She Walks by All Dressed in White (JIN9070)
Chris Ardoin
- Alter Ego (MDS1093)
- Back Home (MDS1099)

- Headliner (MDS1096)
- Lick It Up (MDS1058) *available in digital form only
- M.V.P. (MDS1086)
- Requested Live (MDS1102)
- Sweat (MDS1094)
- That's da Lick (MDS1051) *available in digital form only
- Unleashed (MDS1097)
- V.I.P. (MDS1090)
- Zydeko Fever (MDS1101)
Chuck Pollard
- Chuck Pollard (JIN9011)
Cleoma's Ghost
- Mon coeur est avec toi (SW6185) *available in digital form only
Clifton Chenier
- Boogie in Black & White (w/ Rod Bernard) (JIN9014)
- Boogie n' Zydeco (MDS1003)
- Country Boy Now Grammy Winner (MDS1012)
- Zydeco Legend (MDS0105) *combined MDS1003 and MDS1012
Clifton Chenier & Rod Bernard
- Boogie in Black and White (JIN9014)
Clint West
- Clint West (JIN9005)
- Clint West & the Fabulous Boogie Kings, Vol. 1 (JIN4003)
- Clint West & the Fabulous Boogie Kings, Vol. 2 (JIN4004)
- The Essential Collection... Swamp Pop Legend (JIN9055)
Cookie & the Cupcakes
- 3 Great Rockers (JIN9003)
- By Request (JIN9037)
- Volume 2 (JIN9018)
Country Cajuns
- Les Cajuns de la campagne (SW6116)
Creole Junction
- Don't Need a Ticket to Ride (MDS1065)
- Gregg Chambers & Creole Junction (MDS1060)
Creole Zydeco Farmers
- On the Road (MDS1072)
Cypress City
- Cypress City (JIN9029)
- Shake That Fess (JIN9080)
Cyprien and Adam Landreneau (Mamou Cajun Band)
- Cajun Sole (SW8001)
- Cajun Sole (SW3002) *Encore re-issue on CD
D.L. Menard
- Cajun Memories (SW6125)
- Happy Go Lucky (SW6219)
- Sings The Back Door & other Cajun Classics (SW6038)
Dale & Grace
- I'm Leaving It Up to You (MON100)
Dale Dugas
- Chanteuse Cadjinne (SW6107) *available in digital form only
Danny Collet
- It Wasn't Supposed to Happen (JIN9090)  
Dave Petitjean
- A Real & Funny Cajun (KOM5005)
- Always Cajun (KOM5020)
- Cajun Capers (KOM5004)
- Cajun Humor at Its Best (KOM5002)
- Humor from Cajun Country (KOM5003)
- Live at the Liberty Theatre (KOM5016)
- Live at the Liberty / Cajun Capers (KOM5017) *combined KOM5016 and KOM5004
- My Frans (KOM5001)
- Strictly Cajun (KOM5019)
David Greely
- La talle des ronces (SW6091)
Déjà vu
- Juste parce que (Just Because) (SW6132)
Dejan's Olympia Brass Band

- Jazzly Yours (MDS1011)
Dennis McGee & Sady Courville
- La vieille musique Acadien (cassette) (SW6030)
- La vieille musique Acadien (SW3001) *Encore re-issue on CD
Dennis Stroughmatt
- Cadet Rouselle (SW6210)
- Creole Stranger (SW6189)
- La belle blondine (SW6223)
- Long Roads & Bloodshot Eyes (SW6201)
- The Gambler's Fiddle (SW6195)
Deuce of Hearts
- Long Overdue (JIN9062) *available in digital form only
- Oh What a Night (JIN9043) *available in digital form only
- The Best of Deuce of Hearts (JIN9076) *available in digital form only
Dewey Balfa & the Balfa Brothers 
- Fait a la main (SW6063)
- Fait a la main and Souvenirs (SW6063) *combined SW6063 and SW6056
- More Traditional Cajun Music (SW6019)
- New York Concerts (SW6037)
- Play Traditional Cajun Music (cassette) (SW6011)
- Play Traditional Cajun Music, Vol. 1 & 2 (SW6011) *combined SW6011 and SW6019
- Souvenirs (SW6056)
Don Fontenot et Les Amis de La Louisiane
- Fier d'etre Cajun (SW6145)
- Le necessaire (SW6190)
- Ride the Donkey (SW6186)
- Wide Open (SW6222)
Don Montoucet
- Legendary Cajun Accordionist (SW6200)
Don Rich
- Bayou Soul (JIN9079)
- Come Back to Me (JIN9075)
- From the Beginning (JIN9067)
- I Want You to Know (JIN9063)
- She's My Lady (JIN9050)
- Swamp Pop Soul (JIN9066)
- This Christmas Day (JIN9068)
- Throw Away the Key (JIN9072)
- You Need Love (JIN9083)
- You're Mistaken (JIN9091)
- Kinda Sorta (JIN9098)
- Gator Queen (CD single / feat. Liz Choate) (JIN0017)
Donna Angelle
- Down the Bayou (MDS1074)
- Old Man's Sweetheart (MDS1067) *available in digital form only
Dunice Theriot
- The Essential Collection (SW6198)
Ed & Bee Deshotels
- Cajun Troubadors (SW6025)
- Chantent de la vie des Cajuns (SW6017)
- La bande Feufollet (SW6154)
*available in digital form only
Floyd Brown
- Floyd Brown (JIN9023)
Fred Charlie
- Aaaeee! (SW6102)
Gene Rodrigue
- The Bayou Cajun Music of Gene Rodrigue (SW6062)
Glen Cormier
- La bonne compagnie (SW6087)
Glen Delpit
- Prodigal Son (SW2006)
Gumbeaux Rouge (Mitch Landry)
- Stirrin' It Up (JIN9089)
Hadley Castille
- 200 Lines: I Must Not Speak French (SW6088)
- Along the Bayou Teche (SW6078)
- Cajun Swamp Fiddler (SW6112) *available in digital form only
- Going Back to Louisiana (SW6057)
- Refait (SW6191)
- Third Generation: La musique de les Castille (SW6123)
Happy Fats (Leroy LeBlanc)
- Cajun & Country Songs (SW6005)
Helene Boudreaux
- A Second Chance (SW6120)
- Truck Driving Cajun Mama (SW6152)
High Country
(Keith Little, Steve Pottier, Butch Waller, Jack Leiderman, Larry Cohea)
- Home to Me (SW2004)
High Performance
- Cajun Cool (SW6230)
- Live from Breaux Bridge... part One (SW6213)
- Live from Breaux Bridge... part Two (SW6217)
- That's What Makes the Cajuns Dance (SW6226)
Horace Trahan
- By Special Request (MDS1098)
- Ossun Blues (SW6134)
- That Butt Thing (MDS1088)

Huval, Dupuy & Fuselier
- Huval, Dupuy & Fuselier Cajun Band (SW6225)
Irma Thomas
- Soul Queen of New Orleans (MDS1005)
Ivy & Timmy Dugas *see also Jackie Caillier & Ivy Dugas
- Cross All Your "T"s (JIN9096) 
J. Paul Jr.
- Taking Over (MDS1066)
- Texas Prince of Zydeco (MDS1032)
Jackie Caillier & Ivy Dugas *see also Ivy & Timmy Dugas
- A Bit of Two Worlds (SW6188)
- From Love to Laughter and Good Times (SW6204)
- Greatest Hits & More (SW6181)
Jambalaya Cajun Band
- Buggy Full of Cajun Music (SW6035)
- C'est Fun (SW6085)
- Instrumental Collection (SW6094)
- Le nouvelle esprit de la musique Cadien (SW6075)
- Joyeux Noel (SW6100)
- Laisse les jeunes joeur (SW6115) *available in digital form only
- Lessons Learned (SW6153)
Jay Randall
- 911-LOVE (JIN9049) *available in digital form only
- Sing to the Lady (JIN9058) *available in digital form only
Jean Pierre and the Zydeco Angels
- Pump It Up (MDS1068)
Jeffery Broussard and the Creole Cowboys
- Keeping the Tradition Alive (MDS1087)
- Return of the Creole (MDS1091)

Jeremy & the Zydeco Hot Boyz
- Move Your Feet Y'all (VMS7002)
- The Thing about Love (VMS7008)
Jim Olivier
- Cajun Music for Everyone (SW6042)
- I Love Cajun Music (SW6039)
- La musique de Jim Olivier (SW6059)
- Let's Keep It Cajun (SW6048)
- Sings the Cajun Way (SW6044)
- The Essential Collection (SW6202)
Jimmy C. Newman
- Cajun and Country Too (SW6052)
- The Gumbo Song (SW6143)
- Whatever Boils Your Crawfish (SW6122) *available in digital form only
Jimmy Thibodeaux
- Cajun & Zydeco Bourbon Street Party (SW6137) *available in digital form only
- Et musique (w/ Camey Doucet) (SW6024)
- Jimmy Thibodeaux & Gumbo Cajun Band (SW6096)
*available in digital form only
Jivin' Gene Bourgeois
- It's Never Too Late (JIN9092)
Joe Bonsall

- Cajun Jamboree, Vol. 1 (SW6008)
- Cajun Jamboree, Vol. 2 (SW6012)
- Joe Bonsall's Greatest Hits (SW6049)
- The Essential Collection of Joe Bonsall (SW6209)
Joe Simon
- *unknown (SW6101)
Joe Simon & Aldus Roger
- Joe Simon, Aldus Roger & the Louisiana Cajuns (SW6111)
Joe Warren Cormier (A/K/A Warren Cormier)
- Pure Cajun (SW6084)
- Pure Cajun (SW3004) *Encore re-issue on CD
John Delafose
- Heartaches and Hot Steps (MDS1035)
- Zydeco Excitement (MDS1015)
John Fred
- The Best of John Fred & the Playboys (JIN9027)
John Leger & Debris Cajun Band
- Do You Know How It Feels (SW6180)
Johnnie Allan
- A Portrait of Johnnie Allan (JIN9012)
- Another Man's Woman (JIN9015)
- Cajun Country (JIN9022)
- Dedicated to You (JIN9006)
- Johnnie Allan's Greatest Hits, Vol. 1 (JIN9017)
- Johnnie Allan's Greatest Hits, Vol. 2 (JIN9048)
- Johnnie Allan Sings (JIN9002)
- Louisiana Swamp Fox (JIN9019)
- Memories (JIN9087)
- Shine On (JIN9094)
- Sings Cajun Now (SW6069)
- South to Louisiana and Other Hits by Johnnie Allan (JIN4001)
- Thanks for the Memories (JIN9026)
- The Essential Collection (JIN9044)
- The Essential Collection, Second Volume (JIN9065)
- The Ultimate Louisiana Experience (JIN9052)
Johnny Adams
- Christmas in New Orleans (MDS1023)
Johnny Janot
- Cajuns are Tuff (SW6092)
- Expose Yourself to Cajun Music (SW6050)
- The Essential Collection: I'm Proud to Be a Cajun (SW6170)
JoJo Reed
- Funky Zydeco (MDS1057) *available in digital form only
Justin Wilson
- A Cajun Christmas (KOM5010)
- For True (KOM5015)
- Hunting with Justin Wilson (KOM5007)
- In Orbit (KOM5013)
- Intoxicated Tales (KOM5009)
- Let's Keep It Clean (KOM5011)
- Pass a Good Time with Justin Wilson (KOM5006)
- Reading Christmas Stories (KOM5014)
- The Old Master Storyteller (KOM5008)
- The Sport (KOM5012)
La Bande Feufollet
- La bande Feufollet (SW6154) *available in digital form only
Last Flight
- It's a Holiday / Just a While (CD single) (JIN0322)
Lawrence Ardoin

- Hot & Spicy (MDS1041)
Lawrence Walker
- A Legend at Last (SW6051)
- The Essential Collection of Lawrence Walker (SW6221)
Le Band Passe Partout
- Cajun Heartland (SW6118)
- Cajun Sentiment (SW6105)
- Le band passe partout (SW6099)
- Le band passe partout (SW3005) *Encore re-issue on CD
Leo Thomas
- Zydeco Bull (MDS1043)
Leroy Martin (A/K/A Lee Martin)
- Cajun Folk Songs, Fun Songs, Love Songs (SW6128)
- My Old Swamp Pops, My Old Friends and Some New Stuff (JIN9095)
Leroy Thomas
- Jewel of the Bayou (MDS
- We Love You Leroy (MDS1100)
Les Freres Michot (Michot Brothers)
- La roue qui pend (SW6174)
Lil Abe Manuel, Jr.
- Geaux, Geaux, Geaux (GGR0016) *available in digital form only
- Swire from Grand Chenier (JIN9093)
Lil Alfred (Alfred Babino)
- Dealin' with the Feelin' (JIN9051)
Lil Bob & the Lollipops (Camille Bob)
- Sweet Soul Swinger (JIN4005)
- Sweet Soul Swinger (MDS1001) *re-issue
- Sweet Soul Swinger & the Jin Singles (JIN9103)
Lil Malcolm (Malcolm Walker)
- Lil Malcolm & the House Rockers (MDS1059)
Lil Pookie (Jimmy Seraille)
- Just Want to Be Me (MDS1092)
Lost Bayou Ramblers *see also Mello Joy Boys
- Bayou Perdu (SW6192)
- Live a la Blue Moon (SW6205)
- Pilette Breakdown (SW6177)
Lynn August
- It's Party Time (MDS1027)
- Zydeco Groove (MDS1036)
Mack Manuel & Jesse Lege
- Memories du passe (SW6141)
Mamou Cajun Band (Cyp & Adam Landreneau)
- Cajun Sole (SW8001)
- Cajun Sole (SW3002) *Encore re-issue on CD
Mamou Prairie Band
- Catch My Hat (SW6109) *available in digital form only
- Le holiday & Other Prairie Tales (SW6149) *available in digital form only
- Oh, yaille (SW6129)
Manuel Family Cajun Band
- Laissez bon temps rouler (SW6150)
Marion Marcotte
- Cajun French Humor (SW6018)
- The Cajun French Tales of Marion Marcotte (SW6004)
Mason McClain
- My Bayou Baby (JIN9045) *available in digital form only
Mason McClain & Travis Hatcher
- Rockin' with Mason McLain & Travis Hatcher (JIN9057) *available in digital form only
Matthew Courville
- Avec un coeur pour mon papa (SW6158) *available in digital form only
McCauley, Reed & Vidrine
- 1929 and Back (SW6090)
Mello Joy Boys (presented by the Lost Bayou Ramblers)
- Une tasse café (SW6196)
Michael Doucet (Beausoleil)
- Christmas Bayou (SW6064)
- Déjà vu (SW6080) *available in digital form only
- The Spirit of Cajun Music (SW6031)
- Zydeco Gris Gris (SW6054)
Michot Brothers (Les freres Michot)
- La roue qui pend (SW6174)
Mick Parrish

- Welcome to Mick Parrish (JIN4009)
Milton Adams
- Milton Adams Plays Traditional Cajun Music (SW6097)
- Moe-D (SW6144)
- Too (SW6171) *available in digital form only
Monty & Marsha Brown
- Dancing Cajun (SW6148)
Morris Ardoin
- Le tracas de Morris (MDS1083)
Morris Francis
- Fun in Acadiana (MDS1018)
Morris Ledet
- Hot Zydeco Sounds (MDS1042)
- Swing That Thing (featuring Kassy) (MDS1095)
Nancy Tabb Marcantel
- Lagniappe (SW6026)
- Ma Louisiane (SW6022)
Nancy Tabb Marcantel & Bill Russell
Saute crapaud (SW6029)
Nathan Abshire
- A Cajun Legend, the Best of Nathan Abshire (SW6061)
- Pine Grove Blues (SW6014)
- The Good Times are Killing Me (SW6023)
Nonc Helaire
- For Koonasses Only, Vol. 1 (SW7001)
- For Koonasses Only, Vol. 2 (SW7002)
- Cajun French Tales for Adults Only (KOM5021)
Norman Wade
- Real Country (JIN9021)
Pat Savant
- Cajun instrumentals a la nouvelle mode (SW6176)
Paul Daigle & Robert Elkins *see also Savoir Faire avec Paul Daigle
- Cajun Gold (SW6060)
- Coeur farouche (SW6077)
- Do You Ever Cry (Est-ce que tu pleur) (SW6082) 
- The Best of Cajun Gold (SP001)
- The Cajun Experience (SW6058)
The Essential Collection (SW6133)
- The Light in Your Window (SW6068)
Peter Kessler & Gail Fratar
- Just Dreaming (SW2007)
Phil Menard
- La musique, l'amusement, l'amour et la misere (SW6089)
Pierre Toussaint
- Bonjour Louisiane (SW0007)
Pope Huval
- Chante ti garcon (SW6168)
- Chere Acadie (SW6218) *available in digital form only
Possum Trot String Band
(Keith Curdts, Don Minnerly, Allen Barnes)  
The Possum Trot String Band (SW2005)
Pott Folse
- Bayou Cajun Music (SW6151)
- Everything's Going to Pott (JIN9078)
- Mixing It Up (JIN9077)
- Sitting on the Front Porch (JIN9071)
The Best of Pott Folse (JIN9100)
Racines (Steve Riley, Mitch Reed, Kevin Wimmer, Chris Stafford, Glen Fields)
- Racines (SW6197)
Randy & the Rockets
- The Essential Collection (JIN9059) *available in digital form only
Ray Abshire & friends
- Arrete pas la musique (SW6193)
- All Night Long (Tous la nuit) (SW6227)
- For Old Times Sake (SW6173)
Ray Landry
- Mes racines Cadien sont creux (SW6212)
Ray Landry w/ Nonc Allie Young
- La musique que viens du Beaubassin (SW6156) *available in digital form only
Raywood Baudoin
- Raywood's Swamp Pop Memories (JIN9101)

Robert Jardell
- Cajun Saturday Night Dance (SW6147) *available in digital form only
- Robert Jardell & Pure Cajun (SW6127) *available in digital form only
Robert LeBlanc
- Allons a la veille chez Robert (SW6184)
Rockin' Dopsie (Alton Rubin)
- Crowned Prince of Zydeco (MDS1020)
- Saturday Night Zydeco (LP/Cass) (MDS1025)
- Saturday Night Zydeco (MDS0104) *
combined MDS1025 and MDS1020
Rockin' Sidney (Sidney Simien)
- A Holiday Celebration (VMS7001) *available in digital form only
- Boogie Blues n' Zydeco (MDS1008)
- Give Me a Good Time Woman (MDS1007)
- Mais yeah chere (MDS1046) *available in digital form only
- My Toot Toot (MDS1009) *combined misc tracks from MDS1007, MDS1008 and MDS1009
- My Zydeco Shoes Got the Zydeco Blues (MDS1009)
- Zydeco Is Fun (MDS1061)
Rockin' Tabby Thomas
- Blues Train (MDS1016)
- King of Swamp Blues (MDS1026)
- Rockin' with the Blues (MDS1010)
Rod Bernard
- A Lot of Dominos (JIN4012)
- Boogie in Black & White (w/ Clifton Chenier) (JIN9014)
- Country Lovin' (JIN9008)
- Night Lights & Love Songs (JIN9010)
- Rod Bernard (JIN4007)
- The Essential Collection (JIN9056)
Rod Bernard & Clifton Chenier
- Boogie in Black & White (JIN9014)
Roddie Romero
- Da Big Squeeze (SW6093) *available in digital form only
- The New Kid in Town (SW6086)
Rosie Ledet
- I'm a Woman (MDS1071)
- It's a Groove Thing (MDS1075)
- Now's the Time (MDS1080)
- Pick It Up (MDS1085)
- Show Me Something (MDS1077)
- Sweet Brown Sugar (MDS1052)
- Zesty Zydeco (MDS1056) 
- Zydeco Sensation (MDS1064)
- Zydeco Sweetheart (MDS1050)
Roundtown Boys
(Daniel Bradbury, Evo Bluestein, Jemmy Bluestein, Terry Barrett)
- Deadheads & Suckers (SW2001)
Roy Chaffin
- You're So Easy to Love (JIN9061) *available in digital form only
Rufus Jagneaux
- Po Boy Rufus & the Sostan Band (JIN9007)
- Moi tout seul (SW0004) *available in digital form only
- Sac-a-Lait Jig (SW6165)
Sam Brothers Five
- Zydeco Brotherhood (MDS1029)
Savoir Faire avec Paul Daigle
- Savoir Faire avec Paul Daigle (SW6155)
- Renaissance (SW6179)
- Boogie on the Bayou (JIN9074)
- That Feeling Again (JIN9069)
Sheryl Cormier
- La reine de musique Cadjine (The Queen of Cajun Music) (SW6081)
- Sheryl Cormier & Cajun Sounds (SW6098) *available in digital form only
Shoji Tabuchi
- Fiddles and Sings (JIN4008)
Sidney Brown & Shorty LeBlanc
- The Best of Two Cajun Greats (SW6067)
Sleepy Hoffpauir
- Fiddles Traditional Cajun Music (SW6027)
Steve Riley
- Friday at Last (SW6139)
Sundown Playboys 
- Cajun Spirit (SW6083)
- Hier et ajourd 'hui (SW6108) *available in digital form only
- Saturday Night Cajun Music (SW6072)
T'Monde (Drew Simon, Megan Brown, Kelli Jones)
- Making Believe (SW6224)

- Super Hot (MDS1047) *available in digital form only
- T-Lou & his Los Angeles Zydeco Band (MDS1014)
- Cajun & Creole Jam (SW6160) *available in digital form only
- T-Sale (SW6182)
- Un autre tit bout (SW6206)
- Old Timey Way (SW6103) *available in digital form only
- Viens a ma maison (SW6113) *available in digital form only
Thomas Fields
- Big Hat Zydeco Mix (MDS1081)
- Louisiana Zydeco Man (MDS1073)
Tom Bledsoe & Rich Kirby
- Twins (SW2008)
Tommy McLain
- Swamp Pop Legend Tommy McLain (JIN9009)
- The Best of Tommy McLain (JIN9016)
- The Essential Collection (JIN9054)
Touchet Brothers
- Cajun Music Band (SW6055)
- The Best Recordings of the Touchet Family & Friends (SW6166)
- The Touchet Brothers & Friends (SW6130)
Tracy Schwarz Cajun Trio
- Mes amis (SW6131)
- Tracy Schwarz Cajun Trio (SW6106) *available in digital form only
Van Broussard
- More Bayou Boogie (JIN9025)
- The King of Bayou Boogie (JIN9024)
Vin Bruce
- Cajun Country (SW6015)
- Jole blon (SW6002)
- The Essential Collection (SW6163)
- Vin Bruce Sings Country (SW6016)
- Vin Bruce's Greatest Hits (SW6006)
Walter Wolfman Washington
- Rainin' in My Life (MDS1022)
Warren Cormier (A/K/A Joe Warren Cormier)
- Pure Cajun (SW6084)
- Pure Cajun (SW3004) *Encore re-issue on CD
Warren Storm

- Heart and Soul (JIN9031)
- Night after Night (JIN9036)
Warren Storm, Willie Tee & Cypress
- Warren Storm, Willie Tee & Cypress (JIN9086)
- Swamp Pop Jukebox (JIN9102)

Willie Tee & Cypress
- Legends Making Memories (JIN9097)
Wayne Toups

- Back to the Bayou (SW6124)
- Live 2009 (SW6216)
Wilfred Chevis
- Foot Stompin' Zydeco (MDS1013)
- Let's Go to P.T.'s (MDS1040) *available in digital form only
Willis Prudhomme
- Crawfish Got Soul (MDS1039)
- Willis Prudhomme & Zydeco Express (MDS1033)
Various Artist Compilations
- 101 Proof Zydeco (MDS1030)
- 14 Cajun Classics (cassette) (SW6079)
- 14 Cajun Hits (SW6066)
- 21 Cajun Classics (SW6079) *combined SW6079 cass and SW6079B cass)
- A Rockin' Date with South Louisiana Stars (JIN4002)
- Allons au fais do-do (SW6009)
- Aunt Sally's: The Best of Zydeco Music (MDS1082)
- Bon temps rouler, Cajun Music at its Best (SW6040)
- Cajun & Swamp Pop Super Hits (JIN9028)
- Cajun & Zydeco Mardi Gras (MDS1044)
- Cajun Classics, part 2 (cassette) (SW6079B)
- Cajun Dance Favorites (SW6104)
- Cajun Saturday Night (SW0102)
- Cajun Treat (SW6053)
- Cajun Rendezvous (SW6007)
- Chank-a-chank chez Mulate's (SW6146)
- dat's Zydeco
: the Best Old Skool Zydeco(MDS1079)
- Festival de musique Acadienne '81 Live (SW6046)
- Golden Dozen, Vol. 1 (JIN9001)
- Golden Dozen, Vol. 2 (JIN9004)
- Golden Dozen, Vol. 3 (JIN9013)
- Golden Dozen, Vol. 4 (JIN9020) 
- Hot Cajun & Zydeco from Tabasco (SW6167)
- J'etais au bal, Music from French Louisiana (SW6020)
- La musique chez Mulate's (SW6071)
- Les sacalaits sont pas sale (SW6095)
- Louisiana Cajun & Creole Music: The Lomax Recordings (SW8003)
- Louisiana Cajun French Versions of Popular Hits (SW6047)
- Louisiana Cajun Music Special (Bon temps rouler) (SW0103)
- Louisiana Christmas (JIN9039)
- Louisiana Explosive Blues (MDS1006)
- Merry Cajun Christmas, Vol. 1 & 2 (SW6070) *combined SW6036 cass and SW6070 cass
- Merry Cajun Christmas, Vol. 1 (cassette) (SW6036)
- Merry Cajun Christmas, Vol. 2 (cassette) (SW6070)
- Merry Christmas Wishes to All (JIN9099)
- More South Louisiana Jukebox Favorites (JIN4010)
- New Orleans Rhythm & Blues Anniversary Album (MDS1019)
- Rockin' Zydeco Party (MDS1049)
- South Louisiana Jukebox Hits, Vol. 1 (JIN4006)
- South Louisiana Jukebox Hits, Vol. 2 (JIN4011)
- Swamp Gold, Cassette 1 (JIN9032)
- Swamp Gold, Cassette 2 (JIN9033)
- Swamp Gold, Cassette 3 (JIN9034)
- Swamp Gold Country, Vol. 1 (JIN9082)
- Swamp Gold Country, Vol. 2 (JIN9085)
- Swamp Gold, Vol. 1 (JIN0106)
- Swamp Gold, Vol. 2 (JIN0107)
- Swamp Gold, Vol. 3 (JIN9041)
- Swamp Gold, Vol. 4 (JIN9042)
- Swamp Gold, Vol. 5 (JIN9053)
- Swamp Gold, Vol. 6 (JIN9064)
- Swamp Gold, Vol. 7 (JIN9073)
- Swamp Gold, Vol. 8 (JIN9081)
- Swamp Pop Sweethearts (JIN9088)
- The Best of Cajun Hits Sampler, Vol. 1 (VSW7004)
- The Best of Cajun Hits Sampler, Vol. 2 (VSW7005)
- The Best of Cajun Hits, Vol. 1 (SW6001)
- The Best of Cajun Hits, Vol. 2 (SW6003)
- The Best of Cajun Hits, Vol. 3 (SW6033)
- The Best of Cajun Hits, Vol. 4 (SW6045)
- The Best of Cajun Hits, Vol. 5 (SW6157)
- Zydeco Festival (cassette) (MDS1024)
- Zydeco Festival (CD) (MDS0101)
- Zydeco Hot Tracks, Vol. 1 (VMS7006) 
- Zydeco Hot Tracks, Vol. 2 (VMS7007)