Lessons Learned
SW 6153 | 1999

Laisse les Jeunes Joeur
SW 6115 | 1994
*currently n/a

Joyeaux Noel
SW 6100 | 1992

Instrumental Collection
SW 6094 | 1992

C'est Fun
SW 6085 | 1991

Le nouvelle esprit de la musique Cadien
SW 6075 | 1988
*currently n/a

Buggy Full of Cajun Music

SW 6035 | 1979
*currently n/a

A brief history...

Jambalaya has been one of the most popular Cajun bands in South Louisiana for years.  They have been described as the 'hardest working band in Cajun music' and their highly-energetic performance style leaves crowds as breathless as themselves. The group performs traditional songs as well as writes new material. Led by Terry Huval, their philosophy is that they must build on the traditions their forefathers have given them and fight for the continuance of their culture. Their music finds art in the joys and sorrows of everyday life. 


  •  Fiddler of the Year - Terry Huval (CFMA 1995)

  •  Best Recording of the Year - "Laisse Les Jeunes Jouer" (CFMA 1995)

  •  Accordionist of the Year - Reggie Matte (CFMA 1995)

  •  Fiddler of the Year - Terry Huval (CFMA 1993)

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